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See how the proud parents of students at TAAL feel, how much do they like the institute, what do the like and what they don’t, how did dance changed their life entirely.
Read their experience...!!!


Parents of a child at taal school of Dance, Student of Taal Tots

My 4 year old daughter thoroughly enjoys her dance experience with Taal. She cannot wait to get out of the car when I drop her. She doesn’t want to leave after the class and is so excited. Her laughter brings joy to my heart. Not only the school boosted her confidence, but she also has a lot of new friends. Thank you to Taal!


Veena and Kailash

Parents of Divya, Student of Taal advanced teenager class

Three years at Taal school of dance, has opened Divya's eyes to a whole new world. It has brought her in touch with her Indian roots, while exploring her own sense of grace and rhythm. With the help of dedicated teachers at Taal, students learn discipline, commitment, and develop a passion for dancing. Taal school of dance and the Indian arts is a place where Indian classical dance meets contemporary music and styles and creates a fusion that is unique, alive and breathtaking. As Divya completes her third year at the school, she has gained valuable knowledge, taken leadership in volunteering her time at the studio, explored teaching in the role of a teaching assistant, danced to her heart’s desire and, most important, built lasting friendships; experiences that she will remember and cherish, always…


Tejal Dhodia

Parents of Maya Dhodia, Student of Taal Girls

Taal a School of Dance's next adult dance! Thanks to Jyoti who has the most fun steps and a ton of patience! It has been so much fun going to dance with cool people and the best dance teacher in the world!! Friday at 10:35pm. Facebook.like.13 people



Parents of LARAYHxE, Student of Taal School of Dance

You're the greatest! JMHO


Parents of a child at taal school of Dance, Student of Kathak

Our daughter learning dance at Taal school of dance, in two years, she has grown tremendously. I was surprised to see how much they have accomplished in such a short time. Miss Jyoti has special talent to make dancing so much fun yet insist perfection from these young girls. She is so patient and really brings out the best in our children.