Schedule |Taal’s Classes – A Core Curriculum

We strive to enable our dance students to develop the skills necessary to excel while
unfolding the path of discovery and creativity!
Our dance classes offer a core curriculum which works towards developing, improving and
refining skills.


• Dance skills, proper dance technique and terminology

• Musical and rhythmic awareness

• Graceful coordination, balance and control of movements

• Strength, flexibility and body awareness

• Personality development and poise

• Expression and theatrical drama

• Aspects of stage performance

• Spatial awareness and utilization

• Structure and discipline

• Self-respect and self-discipline

• Cooperation and teamwork building

• Appreciation of various dance styles


Dance is a beautiful expression, free from any language barriers. To facilitate a meaningful
connection with each song, the instructor will provide an age-appropriate explanation of
each dance’s cultural significance and English translation of lyrics.

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