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Ms. Jyoti Garg

Ms. Jyoti Garg |Founder and Director

Ms. Jyoti Garg is the founder and director of Taal, Greenville and the Upstate's premier Indian dance school. She holds a B.S. in Industrial/ Manufacturing Engineering and M.B.A. in Operations Management. Jyoti has been teaching dance for over 15 years. Born and raised in the United States, she was first introduced to the world of Indian dance at the age of 9.

Encouraged by family and friends,she received formal training in BharatNatyam, and continued to choreograph and perform solos as well as group dances throughout high school and college, at international and Indian cultural shows, special events, bridal showers, weddings, etc. Her natural talent and ability along with professional Indian dance training was recognized and appreciated by all.

Upon demand, she began teaching local kids about the beauty of Indian dance as it related to their rich Indian heritage. Now settled in Greenville with her supportive husband and 2 beautiful kids, she is passionate about teaching all of the facets, beauty and grace of Indian Dance, bringing a sense of community building,instilling a great part of Indian culture as well as adding health benefits associated with dance and exercise.

Kumud Savla

Kumud Savla |Kathak Director

Kathak is prestigious Classical dance form originating from Northern India, and is characterized by rhythmic footwork, spectacular spins, and the dramatic representation of themes from the great Hindu scriptures and Urdu poetry. 

Kumud Savla, owner of Nritya Natya Kala Bharati in Atlanta has affiliated with the Taal team of teachers to bring this beautiful art form to the Upstate. She brings with her over 18 years of experience. Trained at the famous Kathak Kendra in New Delhi, India, she has performed with world-renowned artists all over India, Asia, US, both on stage and on television. After undergoing rigorous certification process, her school has attained honored affiliation with the famous Gandharva Mahavidyala Institute for the Arts, in India. Taal students studying under Smt. Savla are eligible to earn formal certification degree in Kathak. Watch a video of  Kumud's students performing kathak

Sandeep Savla

Sandeep Savla |Hindustani Music Director

Accomplished musician and singer, and owner of prestigious Nritya Natya Kala Bharati in Atlanta, Georgia, he joins the Taal team with his vast experience and knowledge in Classical Hindustani sangeet and keyboard, to teach those looking to enter the realm of Indian music.
From the tender age of seven, Mr. Savla began singing and playing music. He achieved Sangeet Visharad under the tutelages of Lt. Ustad Abdullah Dhafrani, Lt. Shree Manubhai Parmar and Shree L.N. Ghadhvi. With the rich experience of working with many music directors in Bollywood, Mr. Savla continues to teach and perform in the U.S. Watch a video of Shri Savla performing with his students by clicking here.

Dimple Chindaliya

Dimple Chindaliya |Artist and Instructor

An artist by heart, Dimple is very creative and offers innovative art & craft ideas. She learned a variety of art forms as a child. She holds a degree in Interior Designing. Prior to moving to Greenville, Dimple ran a successful art studio in India. She is proficient in henna/mehendi designs, sketching, drawing, painting, pot decorating, mixed media, paper-mache and clay modeling.

As an art instructor her goal with each student is to challenge their imagination and encourage personal expression while developing their art skills. Click here to see pictures of the art work by her students at Taal.

Divya Khandke

Divya Khandke |Assistant Dance Instructor

Did anyone mention dance? You just need a beat to get Divya going. Her passion and enthusiasm for dance started at a young age. She has trained in jazz for over 6 years, and has been learning dance for over 10 years. This combined with her dance training at Taal for over 3 years, she has evolved and developed into a confidant and graceful dancer. Friends would describe her as a friendly and innocent girl. Divya brings a world full of new ideas, rich beauty and friendship as she expresses creativity and shares her passion. Taal welcomes this passionate and creative girl to our team!

Shurajit Gopal

Shurajit Gopal |Carnatic Music Director

 Shurajit Gopal hails from the culturally rich city of Chennai (Madras) in Tamil Nadu, South India. He teaches Mass Communication at North Greenville University in Tigerville, South Carolina and is a specialist in Film, Television and Media Technologies.

Shurajit is a professional Carnatic and Light Music Vocalist. He has had training in South Indian Classical Carnatic Vocal Music for over 18 years from five maestros in Carnatic Music. He began his initial training, along with his sister, at the age of 7 from his mother Smt. Meenalochani Gopalakrishnan, who is a prodigy in Carnatic Music herself. She was a professional "A grade" Carnatic Vocalist performing in All India Radio network and senior music concerts in India. Shurajit continued to learn music from Shri. Baluswamy Dikshitar, the great grandson of the musical saint Shri. Muthuswamy Dikshitar, one of the Musical Trinity and from Sangeetha Vidwan Shri. Ramnath Sharma in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, whenever he visited his grandparents during every summer vacation.Shurajit advanced  his music training under the able guidance of Maha Vidwan "Nadakkanal" Shri. Pattamadai S. Krishnan, who was a phenomenal maestro and genius of South Indian Classical Carnatic Music. Some of his well known disciples include the great violinist Shri. M. S. Gopalakrishnan and the Sulamangalam Sisters.

Shurajit then diversified into singing for Bharatanatyam dancers after undergoing a rigorous training in Bharatanatyam compositions under the able guidance of the well known violinist Kalaimamani Shri. T. K. Padmanabhan, a senior graduate of Kalakshetra, Madras. Shurajit has sung for many Bharatanatyam dancers in India and is now singing for Arangetrams/Rangapraveshams in the United States. He now imparts training in Vocal Carnatic Music, Light Music and Bhajans to beginners and advanced level students. His specialty in teaching music is the personalized and customized approach that he has for students according to every student's learning pace and ability.  Visit Shurajit's website by clicking here.

Niyati Mody

Niyati Mody |Assistant Dance Teacher

Wherever there is a beat, there is Niyati!  Her love and passion for both dance and music combine to form a power like no other, as is evident in every performance of hers.  She has been training and participating in competitions since she was 8 years old.  Her specialty in choreography ranges from Indian filmi to hip hop, belly dancing, and traditional Garba/dandiya-raas.